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Project details

Installing a normal passenger elevator in the first settlement, 284 Al Banafseg Buildings for Hajj Ahmed Al Basyouni.

A simplified explanation of the elevator installation stages
After inspecting the site by the specialized engineer of the company and determining the elevator specifications in detail.

Project gallery

Details about a regular passenger elevator in the first assembly 284 Al Banafseg Buildings by Hajj Ahmed Al Basyouni.

More details about the project

The elevator is equipped with an electric motor that transmits movement to the cabin and the weight of the counterweight by means of traction ropes.

The machine can be installed at the top or bottom of the building depending on the nature of the building and it is allowed to be installed at all heights. Variable speed elevators (VVVF) (inverter feature), which guarantee the quiet start of the elevator movement as well as ensure accurate and quiet stops on the floors.

Two-speed elevators